Help For A Frustrated Mom: My Child’s Difficult Time in Kindergarten



On this wonderfully frustrating blessed journey as parents we too reach milestones. This past August, I celebrated one that I’ve been joyfully anticipating since my son was barely one years old: Kindergarten. I think I was more excited than he was and I did my best to prepare him. Though he was in daycare and attended preschool I knew that this was a whole new ball game.

I decided long ago that I would not send him to our school district but he would attend a charter school or a Township school if we moved.

He started school the second week in August. By the end of the week he would receive in-school suspension. Yes! Suspension for a Kindergartener! He received in-school suspension for hitting a boy on his back while coming from the restroom. Prior to that I had a talk with the Assistant Principal and the Dean of Discipline to discuss their disciplinary policy. Everyday I received a phone call or an email from the teacher because my son was talking out of turn; not working well in groups; and for horseplaying. I was told by the Assistant Principal during our meeting that “these are the rules and if he’s having trouble following the rules then we need to get a special education counselor in here because he has special needs.” So I transferred him out and placed him in another charter school that I had my eye on.

The school that he is in now is also strict. I knew this about them going in from what I’ve heard about their middle and high schools. This is their first year for elementary and sadly the same rules for the middle and high schools apply to elementary. Since transferring to this school, my son has been suspended twice and is constantly in the Vice Principal’s office. I can’t remember what his offense was the first time. The second suspension was for a color violation. I’ll do my best to describe a color violation. The school has a behavioral¬†color system to discipline the students: Blue is excellent, Green is average, Yellow is off track, and Red is alert. If the student is in the yellow that means that he/she is having a difficult time in class, like, talking out or not staying in their seat, something like that. At this point their name goes on the board. If they get six checks by their name for continuing the behaviors then they get a referral to office. If they get a referral to office they get suspended. And that is a color violation. That was a few weeks ago. He hasn’t been suspended since but has made several trips to the Vice Principal’s office. And for reasons that I feel are completely asinine: he patted a girl on her back to get her attention when he was trying to talk to her; he slapped a hand of another student while they were playing because the student had his hands in my son’s face; he stepped on another students hand. And because they have my child flagged in their behavior profiles that they keep on the students as someone who cannot keep his hands to himself kids can say that my child hit them or touched them and he’ll get in trouble. Sadly I’ve witnessed these malicious manipulators put into action their wicked plot against my child. Though I brought it to the attention of the teacher and administrators, nothing is being done.

I want to transfer him to another school, but where would he go? I know my child isn’t a little angel and that there are behaviors that need to be corrected but what do I do? Everyday my child comes home saying “I’m a bad kid. I just can’t do anything right.” “Nobody likes me. They hate me. The kids and the teachers.”

I feel weak and powerless against a system that is bigger than me. My complaints and concerns go unanswered. My son is miserable. I’m miserable. I want him to finish the school year, at least.

I’m so incredibly frustrated.


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