A Year of Transformation

I started off this new year with such hope and determination to change my life. Things started off great but by the fifth day in I was filled with such disappointment and faced great devastation. My financial situation changed drastically at the beginning of the year and I lost all hope of moving my family into a permanent place. When I reached out to family for help I was told that they would be able to help but I heard from a third-party that they had no intention on helping me. With me not wanting to fight and argue I haven’t spoken with this family member about it, I just let it go.

So, for this year my pastor confirmed something that I felt God was speaking to me about, which was that this year will bring a great transformation in my life. When he shared his vision for our ministry for  2013 “A Year of Transformation” I new that it came from God. We will be starting our 40 day corporate fast on Wednesday and I’m so excited about it. I know that the transformation will come, will begin with this fast.

I will try to be more active on this blog and be more open. That’s something that I want to change in me – be more open.

God Bless and I will talk to you soon.


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