The Girl In Me

Something happened upon turning thirty. I’ve heard stories of how you have the light bulb moment and you become this no-nonsense person, speaking your mind; you become more secure and there are all these – ahem – physical changes that you experience but I’m not talking about that. Something else happened; something so unexpected. I became a – dun, dun, dun – A GIRL! Yes I am female – born a female, however, I was never a GIRL. I could care less about hair and make up and even less about fashion. You couldn’t pay me to where a skirt or a dress – well you could but I never had any offers. So imagine my surprise, at thirty, when I became super excited over makeup and my hair, OMG. and heels. Not having anyone to talk to about this, I turned to my new favorite place for support – YouTube. I have established a great support team of vloggers, bloggers, and virtual gurus of beauty and fashion to aid me in this sensitive time. Maybe in the near future I will post pics and/or videos of my transformation. Until then, have a great day.


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