Fed Up and No Where To Go

Like most who have settled for a job just for the paycheck, I am utterly fed up with my job. I would rather wake up and run through fire than spend another second sitting a desk doing the same boring – mind numbing boring. frustrating, thing that I do every day. I don’t enjoy what I do and it’s starting to reflect my performance. And you know what, at this point I don’t care anymore.  When I was told that they were going to be cutting department, this exhilarating lighting of excitement hit my body and I began to float on a cloud of peace into the land of freedom. But guess what, I was safe from elimination. Which leaves me to believe that there is a reason I still have my job other than bills. There has to be a smidge of purpose, I just don’t know what it is.

So what do you do? What do you when you’re unfulfilled in your job but can’t leave? I’ve applied for other jobs and have gone out on interviews only to be disappointed when the position or the company is not what I thought it was. I do have a degree but it seems that everyone is wanting someone with a masters or years of experience and I have neither. I’m going on my fifth year on my job and I can’t see myself going any further unless something changes.

Howbeit, there’s a reason for everything. As much as I want to leave I have to press through until God says so.


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