What’s The Opposite Of Writers Block?

I’ve made several attempts to sit down and seriously write about all the things that I’m experiencing as a woman, a follower of Christ, as a single mother, and just as a person. I know that what I’m going through there are others that are going through the exact same thing. Each time that I place myself at my old, but sturdy, kitchen table, or prop myself up against my equally aged headboard to convey my thoughts, I find myself to be flooded with a sea of topics and issues that I want to discuss – that I need to discuss. So, instead of trying to write on every idea that downloads into my brain, I decided to just keep a separate journal of ideas to write about. Let me tell you, the things that has flowed through my head ranged from the necessity of forgiving to sexual addiction to finding your joy as a mother. Where do I begin? So, these are just a few of the things that I want to discuss on MySoulJoy. I will continue to seek God and pray about what’s going to come next. After all, I can’t do nothing without him, right?


One thought on “What’s The Opposite Of Writers Block?

  1. Just a real crazy thought, maybe God is waiting for you to write something in order for him to have something to mould or shape! Writers block can be overcome if you write a piece of work – you did say you already had the ideas in a journal didn’t you? Hope you don’t mind my thoughts on this.
    I look forward to coming back here to read some posts. Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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